Mercantile Bank Young Bankers Appreciation Award 2019
In order to inspire the young bankers to become the future leaders of our banking industry, Mercantile Bank launched Young Bankers' Appreciation Award in 2018 as the pioneer in the Banking Industry, and this year also the Bank will continue the competition for the young bankers working in private commercial banks. The purpose is to identify and recognize talented young bankers in the country.

Under the program, a countrywide competition will begin with registration through online, and ultimately 5 most talented young bankers will be identified through a selection process consisting of 5 progressive phases. Each of the finally selected 5 bankers will be appreciated with cash reward of Tk. 2,00,000 and certificate of appreciation. Registration will remain open from May 05, 2019 to May 07, 2019 through online. It is expected that, the winners will utilize this reward money for development of his/her career, for purchase of books, for obtaining foreign training etc.

If you are confident that you would be the one of those 5, get ready and attend the competition!

Terms and Conditions


A. Candidate must be
  1. A Bangladeshi National.
  2. Having age maximum 42 years on registration date.
  3. In service of a private commercial bank.
  4. Of continuous working experience in bank for minimum 5 years on registration date to maximum 12 years.
B. Academic qualification
  1. 4 years graduation in any discipline from an any university recognized by UGC.
  2. In case of 3 years graduation degree, candidate must have masters’ degree in any discipline.
  3. Candidate having 3rd division/class in any terminal degree not eligible to apply.


    From the eligible candidates, 5 top scored bankers will be selected through the following 5 phases:
  • Phase 1: Registration:
    Registration phase includes i) Academic Qualification, ii) Working experience (5 to 12 years), iii) Experience as Head of Branch, iv) Professional Qualification v) Foreign Training vi) Starting of career as MTO/Probationary Officer.
  • Phase 2: MCQ Test:
    From successfully registered candidates, top scored 1000 candidates will become eligible to appear in the MCQ test. They will be notified separately. Time duration for MCQ test is 15 minutes.
  • Phase 3: Writing Skill:
    From phase 2, top scored 100 candidates will be selected and invited for Writing Skill test on some significant domestic or global Banking/Economic issue. Time duration: 30 minutes.
  • Phase 4: Power Point Presentation:
    From phase 3, top scored 20 candidates will be selected and invited to deliver a power point presentation on some significant banking issue. Time duration: 10 minutes.
  • Phase 5: Interaction with Jury Board:
    From phase 4, top scored 10 candidates will be selected and invited to face an interview before a competent high level Jury Board who will finally select the top 5.


Sl. Phases Score Number of Candidates Number of Winners
01 Registration 30
  a. Academic Qualification 14 All Registered Candidates 1000
  b. Working Experience (5 to 12 years) 4
  c. Experience as Head of Branch 2
  d. Professional Qualification (Banking Diploma JAIBB & DAIBB, ACCA, CFA, CDCS & CAMS) 6
  e. Starting of career as MTO/Probationary Officer 2
  f. Foreign Training 2
02 Multiple Choice Question Test 20 1000 100
03 Writing Skill Test 20 100 20
04 Power Point Presentation 20 20 10
05 Interaction with Jury Board 10 10 05
  TOTAL 100   05
More on Score
a) Academic Qualification:
Degree Marks for 1st Division/Class/Eqv CGPA Marks for 2nd Division/Class/Eqv CGPA
Masters 4 3
4 Years/ 3 Years Bachelor 4 3
H.S.C./A' Level 3 2
S.S.C./O' Level 3 2
For Graduation & Post Graduation CGPA will be calculated as under:
  • CGPA 3.00+ & CGPA 4.00+ : 1st class in the scale of 4.00 & 5.00 respectively, and
  • CGPA 2.50 to <3.00 & CGPA 3.50 to <4.00 : 2nd class in the scale of 4.00 & 5.00 respectively
For CGPA & Division/Class equivalency for "O" & "A" Levels will be considered in the following way:
Subject wise Grade Grade Point
A 5
B 4
C 3
D 2
E 1
Based on the above mentioned subject wise grade point, the "Cumulative Grade Point Average" will be calculated as under:
Formula   =  
Total Sum of all Subjects grade point

No. of Subject
Example : (if a student has five subjects and Grade
Point for the subjects are 5,5,4,2,1)
  =   17
  =   3.40

As per the calculation, CGPA & Class/Division equivalency for "O" Levels and "A" Levels will stand as under:
CGPA 3.00 & Above 1st Division
CGPA 2.00 to less than 3.00 2nd Division
CGPA 1.00 to less than 2.00 3rd Division

b) Working Experience: 5 to 12 years banking experience will be taken for scoring. Marks will be 0.50 for each completed year.
c) Experience as Head of Branch: For working experience as head of Branch, candidate will get 2 marks.
d) Professional Qualification: Banking Diploma JAIBB & DAIBB or other recognized professional degree like ACCA, CFA, CDCS & CAMS will be considered for scoring. For each degree score will be 3. Maximum 2 degrees will be taken for marking.
e) Starting of career as MTO/Probationary Officer: For Starting of Career as MTO/Probationary Officer candidate will get 2 marks.
f) Foreign Training: For having foreign training candidate will get 2 marks.
g) MCQ test: There will be a MCQ test of 20 questions having 1 mark each. Negative marking will be applicable @0.25 for each wrong answer.

Top 5 winners of 2018 will not be eligible for this competition.

For any further inquiry, please contact: 01711-535946, 01713-279559, 01711-539963, 01787-661876, 01912-604420, 01755-559702

Mercantile Bank Limited reserves the right to cancel any application upon primary verification and against which no claim can be made, either to the Bank or with any Authority.
Mercantile Bank Limited also shall not be responsible for any technical difficulty if encountered by any candidate(s) in the process of online exam.